Our Meals

Your child's nutrition and enjoyment is important to us
  • We believe in exciting and healthy meals.

    We offer three meals a day and two snacks, although breakfast is an optional extra as most of our children have that before nursery. Water is available all day.

    Our meals are prepared in-house by our staff. We provide a healthy and varied menu each week and love to try out new recipes. Our menus are set according to government guidelines for healthy eating. We get through loads of fresh fruit and vegetables each week. We cater for any diet required e.g. vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free etc.


  • We offer a lower sugar cereal such as:
    Rice Krispies
    Ready Brek

    We also offer traditional breakfasts including:
    Toast with fruit

    We also provide our children with drinks including milk, fruit juice and water.

    Mid-morning and mid-afternoon we offer our children:
    milk or water
    a choice of various healthy snacks to keep their energy levels up.

    Favourites are roast chicken dinner, spaghetti bolognese, curry and rice, tomato and pepper pasta and fish pie with vegetables. We try lots of different foods and believe in everything in moderation, so we do offer a good quality sausage on the menu now and then because the children just love them.

    Puddings we like include rice pudding with fruit puree, bananas and custard, homemade fruit sponge and custard and the occasional jelly and ice cream (although we have to throw a bit of fruit in there too to get our 5 a day!)

    Hot teas include:
    jacket potato with cheese
    beans on toast
    cheese on toast
    toasted teacakes with banana
    home made soups

    Quorn served for vegetarian

    All dietry requirements met

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